No, you are!Mature

Merari stared at her friends, frowning as they clutched their heads in pain. She shrugged and skipped after Hyperion.



'Did I scacre you?'

'No, my future self already knew what you'd done, and I absorbed him.'

'Ahh. Cool. I always wanted to stop time.' Merari said, staring off into the distance.

'Trust me, it's not fun. I always mess up, I'm sure you would too.'

'Heeeeh. That's not so cool. But I can breathe fire, so I guess were on even turf.' Merari laughed, winking.

Hyperion laughed loudly, 'prove it.'

'Oh no. I can't. Last time I did it, around a year ago, I set the cutains of fire.' Merari shook her head violantly.

'That sucks.'

'Yeah, and this other time, while my Dragon Teeth were growing, I ate the cutlery. . .'Merari said, blushing.

Hyperion laughed again, patting Merari on the head, 'your a funny one.'

'Am I? Compared to you, I'm quite plain.' Merari giggled, poking Hyperion.

'No. Your much stranger.'

'No, you are.'


'You are!'

'You are!'

'You are!'

After about fifty "no you are" 's the bell rang and they ended being late for class, dispite Hyperion's earlier attempts to be on time.

Merari had fun with her new friend, he was funny and was able to make fun of her without bringing out the "cold Merari".

'Your weird.  ..' She mumbled at the end of class, tired out from the amount of times she'd laughed.

'No. . .you. . .are. . .' Hyperion panted.

And their backfiring argument occured once more.

The End

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