A Few New PeopleMature


I went to dump my stuff in my dorm, praying that the annoying twins weren't in there. Thankfully, they weren't. I put my books in my drawers and flew back downstairs, wondering if I should risk the crowded canteen. I decided to see what all the other people in this school were like over lunch and flew into the canteen. As I came to a land joining the back of the que, all - or nearly all - heads turned in my direction. I rolled my eyes and got my food, then turned around and scanned the room, searching for a quiet-ish table to sit at. Of course, there was none.

I decided to settle at the most normal,or should I say ordinary-looking, people. I went and sat down on the edge of the table, and, yet again, the heads turned of everyone say there.

"Hi! I'm Merari! What's your name?" A girl with blue hair asked in an excited voice.

"I'm Leilah Angell Black. A Dark Angel. Well, a Dark, Black or Night Angel. I'll accept any. I'm a second year."

"Oh, I'm a Mirror Dancer, a first year! Pleased to meet you!" She paused, "Wait, how come I haven't seen you around before?"

"I spend my time outside. And I'm in my second year, not first." I said bluntly, "Who are your... friends?"

"Hi,I'm Hyperion." A wild boy said

"Arceus Cirelle, nice to meet you." Another boy fklashed a smile at me.

"Hey, Hunter Wolfe." Yet another boy stuck out his hand. I ignored it.

"Chris Shade."

"Well, that's two introduction in one lunch time." Hyperion said.

I finished my lunch and went to put the tray back. The bell went as I realised I might have just made some new friends.

The End

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