Merari Shows off Her PowersMature

Once everyone had finished with the introductions, Merari fidgited awkwardy, just dying to ask him what he was.

A idea flashed through her mind, that was easy. She'd just mirror Hunter and.. . .BAM! She'd know what he was.

'Pardon me!' Merari smiled as she grabbed Hunter's arm and pulled him into a hug. This was how she transformed, yes, yes, not very useful in battle. But she was still learning. Soon enough she would be able to transform without physical contact.

'M-m-merari?!' Arceus stammered, shocked, 'you should not do that new peo. . .ple. . .Dude. . .awesome. . .'

His voice trailed off as he watched Merari turn into Hunter right before his eyes, Hunter stood still for a moment then smiled widely.

'Your a shapeshifter?' He said, not really asking; thinking he was correct.

'Nope! I'm a Mirror Dancer!'

'A. . .mirror . ..whaty?'

'Ahh. You are a pureblood shapeshifter. I'm suprised you haven't heard of my family before, I'm Merari Shan Lumi Eria. I'm the princess of the Lumi Eria family. Even though I'm a dragon, I'm related to shapeshifters.' Merari burbled, as though she absoloutly had to say it all in one breath.

'. . .hurm. I think I heard of that family before, but only once.'Hunter mumbled, a little sheepish.

Merari turned back into herself and the others stood there, watching Merari, shocked.

'Well, Merari. I could sense that you were strong. But I didn't know about that.'Hyperion grinned, raising his eyebrows.

'. . .She grows wings too. . .' Arceus muttered, shaking his head, 'I would not doubt the fact that she could turn into a dragon.'

'I can!'

' . ..see what I mean? She's a little weirdo.' Arceus laughed heartily.

'Who's a weirdo, idiot!' Merari's cold self snapped, her eyes boaring into Arceus angrily.

'No one! No one!'

'Anyway, Hunter. It's very nice to meet you! I hope we can be great friends!' Merari smiled, managing to show all her teeth and still look reasonably sane.

Hunter grinned back and nodded, sitting down at the table which had been inhabited by other members aside from Merari and Arceus.

Sweet! I hope Arceus and I can make some more friends! I'll proe that he's not scary at all! Merari whooped inside her head.

The End

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