Making friends, and enemy'sMature


Chris Shade

"So is this why humans are so dumb?" A vampire asks licking his lips at the female teacher who was at the front.

"Well humans are dumb." She began.

"They just are predisposed to not believe what is directly in front of them. As well as they evolved to not sense magic which has kept them alive this far." I finished.

"Thank you mister Shade." The teacher said, not to happy about being disputed but I couldn't help but explain it to the ignorant vampire.

"Hey Shade you should keep your ass kissing lips shut. You got it?" The vampire said.

"Sure as long as you don't say anything overly stupidly bloodsucker." I reply.

"What did you just call me?" He said raising his voice.

"Bloodsucker. Anything wrong calling you what you are?"

"I will pound you to the ground kid. I might be in the first year class on human interactions. But I'm a third year and I could easily make you wish you never opened your mouth." He resorted to threatening.

" Hmm third year, and your in a beginner course. Geeze I hope your not stupid enough to be in the rest of my courses." I smiled guessing the kid really only wanted to be here with his friends, and because his mommy and daddy wanted him here.

"That's it kid! this lunch I don't even care where you are I'm going to make you feel it." 

" Go ahead. But I you'll find out pretty fast you won't be able to do anything to me." I smiled, knowing the kid wasn't bluffing, but at the moment I was in the mood to fight.

Shortly after pissing off the vampire the bell rang for lunch, and I quickly went to my room to drop off my things to find that the other inhabitant had arrived. I wonder if they weren't as stupid as that vampire, and maybe even a good friend. Anyways I made my way to the cafeteria trying to find a place to sit. It was damn near impossible as I saw a bully force three kids from a table as the supervisors turned a blind eye. I had a feeling I was probably not going to settle well here already seeing that the supervisors had strict rules to uphold but lacked to carry them out.

I made my way to the kids who were forced from my seats but I was stopped by someone grabbing my shoulders from behind me. It was the vampire from before, but I really didn't get a good look at his face. He had Pale blue eyes, pale skin with scars, and spiky black hair.

"This is the cocky kid I was talking about guys." He said," Hey little shit these are my friends and were gonna show you what happens if you mess with the Carrison possy."

Now he was grabbing the back of the neck was his goon squad was surrounding us making sure none of the supervisors see what they were doing. I looked between a couple of the assailants to see the kids who were forced from their table watching me get dragged outside they began to follow along with a new comer. Outside out of view from anyone else they let go and circled around me and the vampire from earlier.

"So you little shit. My name is Blake, and I'm going to beat you so hard your gonna remember it for the rest of your life." 

" I would like to see you try your probably nothing but an squished insect onthe bottom of my show that just refuses to die."

"Shut it!" He screamed his eyes filling with cover as the wind picked up. He went for a punch which had a current of air wrapped around it. I let him hit me in the chest the energy from the momentum, and current of air died, and I felt only his fist on my chest.

"What the hell?" He ask stunned.

"Looking for this?" I said as the energy that he used manifest in my palm which I wrapped I pressed against his arm sending him on the ground and spinning through his goons.

"What are you? Your freak?!" He screamed as his goonies stood astonished.

"I'm a sage." I put it simply.

"This aint the last time you little shit! I'll get ya when I have drank some quality blood, and when its not sunny out you coward." He yelled taking his goonies with him. I laughed at irony.

As I made my way back in the four that I had seen earlier in the cafeteria where sitting on the steps.

"Hey, are you okay, I saw those kids surround you in the cafeteria."

"Just fine." I said," My name Chris shade."

"Hyperion." The boy replied.

"I'm Merari." The girl said with a hyper voice.

"Arcues." The kid with dark hair mumbled not making eye contact.

"And I'm Hunter."

The End

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