Hyperion: Getting Through ClassMature

"As you can see, class... the quotient is equivalent to the-" The voice of the teacher trailed off into a boring drawl. Hyperion yawned, staring at the clock.

"Please... just ring already." He mumbled, trying his best to not to give into temptation and mess with time again. He finally caught up with his future self and merged back together with it. He didn't need to be causing another mess again so soon... but this teacher...

That voice... going on and on about a subject he could teach to a bunch of five year children, and not only make them understand it, make them have fun learning it! But no, he had to drone on and on... he yawned again.

"Mister Tempus!" The teacher shouted, waking Hyperion up. "I noticed you weren't paying attention again. Perhaps you'd like to get up in front of the class and show us the answer?"

The other students snickered. Hyperion got up and stretched. "Fine. I will." He said, in a bored tone.

He approached the chalkboard and began to write the answer down, slightly speeding up time so that he got it done faster than the normal human body could manage. He then put the chalk down and walked back to his desk. "The answer speaks for itself."

"Um... Tempus... the bell rang. Why are you still here?" The teacher asked.

Hyperion opened his eyes wide, then looked at the clock. He sped time up so fast that the bell rang and he didn't even notice! Hyperion trembled in anger. "GODDAMMIT!!!"

The End

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