Merari and the CrushMature

(the day after Merari's other personality came out....)



'Arceus! Arceus!' Squealed Merari, bursting into the room. Arceus fell off his bed and dropped the book he was reading, panting with shock, he looked up expectantly.

'What is it now? Did Hyperion jump out at you?' He sighed, scrambling back to his feet.

'Nooooo!!' Merari wailed, flopping down in Arceus's bed, he sighed, shaking his head and sat down next to her fidgeting body.

'Hmm?'Mumbled Arceus through a mouthful of orange juice, which he had just picked up,  gulping down the glass quickly.

'I think. . .'She began, breaking off to squeal, 'I think I'm in love!'

'Pffft!' Arceus blew out his drink nearly to the other side of the room, just missing the little rug in front of the door, 'what?!'

'I saw him! I saw my prince!' She sighed, squirming with glee, rolling about on the bed.

'. . .your. . .prince. . .?'Arceus said doubtfully. 

'Is there anything wrong with a,' she coughed, 'fourteen (maybe, kuh kuh) year old student having a crush?!'

'. . .Maybe.  .?' Arceus said in a amused voice under his breath.

'What was that?' Merari's cold voice hissed at him.

'Oh! Nothing! That's wonderful. How did you meet, your um, prince?' He said quickly, looking at his feet.

'well. . .

I was walking in the library, then I saw this historical book on Dragon Blood Lineage on the very top shelf. But because I'm still tired from passing out yesterday, my wings were very tense. I tried everything in my power--no kidding-- to get that damned book. And just when I was about to give up, he appeared! And he got the book for me! He had bright orange hair and--'

'Are you talking about one of the Hunter twins?'

'No! Let me finish, Arceus!' She pouted, 'So, where on earth was I? Ah, yes, and he had this beautiful flame-coloured hair and dark  black eyes.  ..And then he said, "a interesting book, for a interesting and beautiful lady." Then he left!!'

Merari was panting after burbling out her story as fast as she could. Smiling to herself, she looked at Arceus.

'Thats. . . it. . .? That's why you fell in love? You don't even know is name!' Arceus snickered, his eye brows shooting upwards before he started roaring with laughter.

 Merari's bottom lip quivered and she looked like she was going to cry. . .

'We can fall in love with who we like. And for your information, I know his name. It's Loki Phoenix, he's a second year and he's a Pyrokinetic, a fire wielder.' Merari's voice switched and Arceus's sniggering stopped almost instantly.


'I think you shall find it is, "sorry your majesty".' Merari ordered him.

'Sorry your "majesty"' Arceus frowned, it felt odd to call a friend, and Merari at that, "your majest." He shook his head, she was right. She was a princess after all.

'Ahh! It happened again! It used to be very rare that I had a mood swing! But it's happening more frequently after I met you, Arceus!' Merari smiled, clapping her hands together and bowing her head.

'Oh yeah, your, umm, "loves" name is Loki Phoenix.' Arceus told her. Merari beamed.

'Thankyou! Thankyou Arceus!' She grinned, jumping off his bed, 'my wings feel a lot less tense now!'

'Good to hear it.' He smiled back, smiling to himself as he watched her bound out of the room.


The End

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