Merari's "Ouchie"Mature

'Eeeps.' Grumbled Merari as she opened her eyes. A shot of pain flashed through her head as she sat up, and something pushed her back down again.

'You kind of wouldn't wake up in the Dining Hall, then you did. Then you rolled on the floor squealing, "ouch! Ouch!" Clutching your head so I took you to the infirmary.' A tired and slightly stressed voice informed her.

She looked up and spotted Arceus sat on a chair with his head in his hands. She beamed at him, taking him aback.

'Thankyou!' She smiled widely, flashing her sharp canines.

'Whu--? What? I'm the one who hurt you!' Arceus stammered, frowning.

'No! Your pretty eyes hurt me.'

'They're part of me me! . . .and pretty?! Did you bang your head whilst you flailed around on the floor?!' Arceus said indigently, scooting his chair back and standing up.

'Humm. Maybe!' Merari laughed, scratching the back of her head awkwardly.

'Don't you giggle! I thought I'd really badly hurt you!' Arceus shouted, going from concerned friend to pissed off brother.

'Look,' Merari hissed, her attitude suddenly switching from cute to a little bit scary. Arceus glanced at her hardened face, worried, 'I may be all sugar and lollipops in my usual mood. But your forgetting my social standing. I, Merari Shan Lumi Eria, am I Mirror Dancer Princess and you had better not forget that!'

Arceus stumbled backwards, shocked. A chill ran down his spine. Never in his life had he ever been a little bit frightened. But something about this girls piercing stare made his stomach drop. . .

'Ahh! I'm sorry! It seems I got a little carried away. Sometimes that happens!' Said Merari, her sugary voice returning, replacing the freezing cold one.

'Bu . . .Merari.. . ? You just. . .HUH?!' Burbled Arceus, a confused expression swept across his face.

'What?' Merari said sharply, 'what did I do?'

'Eiiyy! Nothing! Nothing at all! Just get better! Okay?' Arceus replied in a high pitched voice.

He really shouldn't have messed with a pure-blooded dragon.

'Wonder what that was about!' Giggled Merari, shaking her head.

The End

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