Chris ShadeMature


"You shouldn't be going to that academy!" Growled council member Josleph.

"Why should you care Josleph, all of your rules of race label me a human." I reply standing in a cavern full of vines, trees, rock, animals naturey kinda stuff.

"Yes but were working on changing that. Plus we need your input on inhibiting humans need for electricity!"

"I already told you I'm not going to take part in killing massive amounts of people to save earth."

"Boy you're a sage a keeper of the earth!"

"Sages don't just serve earth we serve the life cycle, come up with a better solution!" I said loudly," I have reminded you all that the earth has both nature and life both in direct relationship both resulting in energy. If one is dying the other dies. Currently many lives have been transferred from animals , and plants into the human race. If we cut the power off many humans would result in war, and massive starvation. Yes the world would be restored to temporarily but the introduction would be lost because of the current damage caused by humans." I said making little sense to the others because none of them except me was a sage of energy. 

"Do what you will Chris Shade, but you're putting a target on your head other sages will want you do this to replenish their lost abilities because of what they have done." 

"Thank you." I said quickly leaving.

I  considered the other sages family , but they were just as greedy as humans, and understood there is more to our world then what is seen. I could see it though the cycles of life energy, of energy, the relationships. But I could make no one understand say a few mages that used energy to perform magic. As for myself I could not convert energy into magic, only to take it away, give it, or use it as raw power to destroy.  I had little reason to go to this academy other then to escape the pressures of the other sages and act like a normal sage of my age would do. With everything already packed I paid my trip, and wondered what laid before me.


"Chris Shade?" The clerk said,"Your a day late!" She scowled.

"I know this, just direct me were I need to go." I said calmly.

"Fine." She handed me a bunch of papers," The school does not apreciate any further lates Shade."

"Does not appreciate? Sounds like they can't do anything about it though can they. I think its better put, will not tolerate further lates."  I said walking away I dislike stupidity. Lets hope this school is not full of it. 


The End

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