Merari and Arceus's HeadacheMature

Merari looked at Arcues, concerned. He looked very pale and woozy. Which is weird because he always looked so alert. 

He tipped sideways as he munched on his toast, his head knocking onto Merari's shoulder. She raised her eyebrows and turned her head, slightly irritated. 

Her eyebrows shot up even more when she saw her friend sound asleep.

'Oi. Arceus. Don't sleep at the dinner table, it's rude to do that in the presence of a princess.' She grunted, poking him on the nose repeatedly.

He snorted briefly and his eyes fluttered opened, they met Merari's for a second and a scene flashed before her eyes. 

'Merari, you can't eat the table wear! That's pure silver!' He father raged. Holding up crumpled pieces of knifes and forks.

'Oh. That must be something bad I've done.' She mumbled, feeling a little dizzy. She recalled Arceus telling her about his power to make people see the bad things they've done. Only, Merari was so spoiled and well-behaved, she had hardly done anything wrong!

But she didn't realise that what she'd done then was so feeble. She thought it really, very bad when she'd done it. But Merari didn't know people had done worse things.

'I feel.  ..a little. . .sleepy. . .must not. . .sleep at. . .the dinner ta.  .. ble. . .' She said, drifting off and stared snoring lightly. 

She rested her head onto of Arceus' blonde cushion of a skull. A very sweet picture, almost like a brother and sister who'd stayed up late the night before and fallen asleep, just waiting to be scolded by someone. 

It was a odd sight, a silvery-pale skinned girl with blue hair, asleep with a rather normal looking blonde boy(until he opened his eyes). Whispers filled the hall as they caught sight of the scene.

The bell rang, but they still didn't wake up; tired from the previous nights' events. In fact, the teachers that were in the dining hall didn't have the heart to wake the sleeping pair up. So they slept through first period.. . . second. . .third. . .

The End

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