SHOCK! New Person!Mature

Merari grumbled to herself as she fell asleep.  She couldn't remember her dream, but she knew it involved her becoming a fully-fledged princess.

Maybe it'll come true. . . Merari thought sleepily. 


Merari was sleeping soundly before a light tapping noise reached her ears. She sat up, rubbing her eyes. She wished her sensitive dragon-hearing wouldn't go into effect this late.

'Arceus! Stop it!' She hissed, getting out of bed and whipping open the curtain. But Arceus was sprawled out on his bed, half his body under the covers and the other half out.

She frowned and tip-toed past his bed quietly, she opened the door; careful not to let it creak too loudly.

No one was there.

G-g-g-ghosts! Merari thought, horrified. She was quite a fine young women, nice hair, a average face, intelligent, strong. . .but if there was one thing she could't stand. It was ghosts. She hated them, ever since she was a little girl she hated them because they used to haunt her old home.

'Eeek!' She squeaked as a shadow moved on the spiral-staircase.  The light tapping noise returned. . .but now. . .it sounded more like ticking. . .

'Oh, hello there, I seem to be--'

'GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!' Merari screamed at the top of her voice, so much so, it seemed to grow in pitch with each second she made the noise.

Arceus sat bold upright and stumbled out of bed.

'M. . .Merari?' He gasped, rubbing his eyes, 'whats happened?! Are you okay?!' He stumbled towards her to see her more clearly, but Merari just pointed at the door.

'Gg-g-g-ghost! The ghost! It's o-o-outs-s-side!' She stammered, sinking to the floor. Arceus stared at her doubtfully.

'Merari, I thought I said, the story was made up!' He sighed, putting a hand on his forehead.

'N-n-no! The b-b-boy out there! h-h-he came up on me!' Meari wailed, wiping her tears away. Arceus patted her on the head, trying to be of some comfort.

'I'll go check.' He said firmly, but was slightly hesitant himself. He'd been there long enough to know if there were any ghosts here. 

He slowly opened the door and jumped backwards as he saw the pale boy with fluffy brown hair that was slightly dishivelled.

'Oh, you must be the other person for this room. I was just wondering if you--'

'AHHHH!' Arceus yelled, stumbling backwards before realising it was not a ghost.

'People seem to react like that alot around me. . .' The boy frowned, 'anyway, my name is Hyperin Tempus. I need you to tell me if you've seen another me around.'

' . . .' The pause and shock of the poor Merari and Arceus seemed to linger in the air. Hyperion looked at them expectantly. They didn't answer.

'Oh, dear. I don't mean to sound weird or anything. . .Look, I seem to have created a time flux and there is another me wandering around school thinking it's. . .well. . .tomorrow. I'm in a bit of a predicament, see.'He blurted. 

'Heh?' Merari snorted, cocking her head, looking at the tired-looking boy. He was wearing a peculiar outfit and Merari just wished she was dreaming all of this.

'I have. . .. no idea what your talking about. You terrified my room mate to tears and intuerrupted my sleep. I'm not in the best of mood now if you don't mind, I'm going back to bed.' Arceus said bluntly, turning around and walking back to the warm confinement s of his bed. Merari looked at Hyperion and shrugged, also turning around. 

She went back to bed, leaving the weird boy behind.


Merari sat up and yawned, stretching her arms out in front of her.

'Your awake now?'



The End

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