Arceus: Not so badMature

As a lay on my bed, the only light being the glistening moon coming in from the windows, I began to think about the day. I made a new friend, sort of, and I'm back at school and away from my family. Then, I hear Merari humming a tune of some sort.

"Are you still awake?" I say into the cold, moonlit darkness.

"Yeah, can't sleep."

I smile broadly, "well then, that's your fault, isn't it, for having your mid-afternoon nap-flight."

She laughed, "so, how long have you been going to this school?"

"Long enough to know about every secret about it."

"And how long is that?"

"This is my third year."

We laugh, "well then, know of any ghosts that wanter the hall?"

I turn my head toward the curtain. "Absolutely, let me tell you a story. There was once a janitor who worked here, his name was Yakov Shirnoff. He was an ex-russian militant. While he worked here he did a very good job at janitorial work, but the kids kept on picking on him, for being a janitor and all." I quietly take out my Mortidian Doll. "So, as the legend goes he took one of his knives and he stabbed them in the right hand." I clench the right hand on the doll while thinking of Merari, and behind the curtain Merari screams.

"Ahh! Something just stabbed my hand!"

In a spooky voice I tell her, "yeah, that's probably Yakov."

"Are you kidding?"

Suddenly, I burst out laughing. "Hahahahahahaha! There's no ghost, just my racial abilities. Hahaha!" And I put my doll away in my pocket. "Hahaha, so gullible." I roll over and attempt to sleep, "goodnight, Merari."

"That wasn't very nice!"

"No, but it was funny."

Then, I feel alseep.

The End

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