Hyperion: Late. AGAINMature

"Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn..." Hyperion kept saying over and over again. First he missed the train, then he missed the bus, he didn't have enough money for a taxi ride, and now he was getting tired. He was going to be late. FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME.

"Ugh, what to do? What to do?" He asked himself. Then he slapped himself in the head. "Duh! I can use time magic! Let's see if it'll work for me this time!"

He activated his powers and time began to slow down for him, and he simply began to walk forward, and he took his sweet time getting there. There wasn't any need to rush now.


Hyperion arrived at the desk, and whistled as he walked. The desk clerk looked at him, and shook her head. "You again? How many years have you been coming to this school? It's starting to get tedious."

"I believe this is my fifth year here, and still a first year. It's a good thing I don't age." Hyperion smiled.

"A bit too lucky, if you ask me. Anyway, same room as last year. And don't be causing as much trouble with your time powers as you did for the last four years."

"Okay!" Hyperion took the key and began his ascent up the stares.

The desk clerk went back to reading a magazine, bored out of her mind. Then the bell rang again. She looked down and saw... Hyperion Tempus, out of breath, his hair disheveled. "Sorry I'm late! Is my room still available?"

The clerk blinked her eyes, then looked back up the stairs, then shook her head. "Oh, this year is going to be a repeat of the last four, isn't it?"

Hyperion shook his head. "Goddamn time powers... what you do for Hyperion, except give EVERYBODY HEADACHES?!"

"Your past self/future self/whatever he is is up in your room. Same as last year. And please tell me that you didn't make more of you?"

"Look, I'm not that irresponsible."

"Sure you aren't." The clerk muttered, and Hyperion dashed up the stairs, after his other self.

"Where's the aspirin?" The clerk asked, checking the drawers for something to get rid of the headache.

The End

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