Leilah: Back For Another YearMature

I grabbed my two suitcases and walked out the door, noone to say goodbye to. It was like this every year and I was used to it, but it never got any easier. I took one last look inside my house then shut and locked the heavy door, the big brass knocker bashing against the glass window. I turned around and stared up into the deep black night sky, relating to my family as I did every year. It was a ritual.

I walked down the street focusing on the pavement. Not now! I'm just a bit late! I don't want to grow them now! I broke into a run with my suitcases bumping along behind me. When I got to the end of the street, I carried on running into the thick green forest until I got to the familiar clearing where I could relax. I waited for my arms to brush the tips of my black wings then set off through the fluffy white clouds in the direction of the school.


I landed in front of the school gates - there was no point in trying to fly over, there was a sheild stopping you - and calmly walked up to them then knocked three times on the cold metal. I waited as I got the small electric shock I was so aware of. The big gates creaked open to a large school, almost abandoned as it was the dead of night.

I peacefully walked into the main entrance and went to the front desk. "Leilah Angell Black. Second Year." I said with no emotion. I was in my own little world - memories.

"Ah, Leilah! Of course, the only student who arrives at night. Well, Floor Three, Room 13. Here's your key!" The receptionist said, obviously happy to be put out of her boredom. Not for long.

Still in my daze, I took the key and stood at the bottom of the winding staircase, then flapped my wings a couple of times and shot up the stairs stopping at the third floor. I took my key and unlocked the door to Room Thirteen, not too sure about what was coming - I'd never been on the third floor.

Well, unlucky for some, as they say. Time to find out if thirteen was lucky or not. I walked in.

The End

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