Merari and the Roomie. ..Mature

'Well then. . .' The boy's voice trailed off. He looked thoughtful than he shrugged his shoulders and dumped his stuff on the second, single bed. Merari looked at his tiny bed then at her rather large double bed and frowned.

'You may have this bed if you wish?' Merari offered, standing up. Yes, I'll make friends with him. He seems. . .nice? Merari thought, her inner voice was strong and determined.

'Hm.' He grunted, thinking for a second, 'if you don't mind giving it up.' 

'Nope.' Merari smiled, dragging her big suitcase off the bed, clicking her fingers for Tin-Tan to follow her.

They swapped beds and there was the awkward moment where neither or them knew quite what to say. Merari spotted something on the floor, she squatted down and picked it up gingerly.

'Is this yours?' She enquired, the boy looked down at her boredly then nodded, Merari handed it to him and for the first time, he smiled at her.

Merari, proud to have made herself a new friend smiled back, her sharp canines gleaming in the sunlight that poured through the window.

'So, dragon princess, huh? What's that?'He asked, Merari noticed that his black and red eyes would not meet her large green ones.

'Well, I'm a form of dragon princess. I'm the Mirror Dancer Princess. My father is a dragon king. But my family is highly respected in the dragon world and were one of the most powerful dragon clans' around!' Merari gushed, happy to explain her life story in one breath.

He nodded and smiled again, looking around, not daring to meet her eyes.

'I think we should put up a curtain. Because, y'know, different genders and all that jazz.' He suggested out of the blue. 

'Oooh! Yes, that's a good idea!' Merari agreed, nodding her head. Her blue hair bounced around. 

'I'll go ask for one.' He muttered, leaving the room.

Merari stood there, by herself, beaming at nothing inparticular.


About half an hour later, a very bored Merari was sitting cross-legged in mid-air with some silvery wings sprouting out her back. She also had her arms crossed and was drumming her randomly scaled fingers on her elbow.

As she stared at the wall, her head tilted slightly to the side and Merari dozed off, snoring lightly. 

It must have been a peculiar experience for the poor Arceus who walked in ten minutes later, to see a blue haired girl, laying down in mid-air with dragon wings flapping gently to keep her floating.

His eyebrows shot up and he dropped the curtain that was in his arms. He wasn't quite sure what to do. Did he leave? Did he. . .put a blanket over her?

In the end, Arceus coughed loudly, making Merari jumped and fall down.

'Sorry, you were sleep-flying.' He laughed heartily.

'Crap. I'm supposed to stop doing that. . .' Merari grunted, flattening down her hair.

'I'll wake you more gently next time.' He chuckled and set to work putting up the curtain to divide their bedroom. . .

The End

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