Arceus: Back, again.Mature

I sit in the passenger seat as my older sister drives me to my new home for the next year. We drive in silence, us both thinking about the awkwardness of this car ride. Not too long ago, she had been caught by our parents with a boy. The scene was not pleasant. And so, this was her second time allowed to use her car, which I was grateful for.

After what seemed like eternity she pulled up into the driveway. I open the door and start to get out of the car.

"Bye, Arceus." she says quietly.

"See you, Janalle."

Then, rather quickly I get out of the car; I close the door behind myself and walk into the school. Immediately, I make my way to the office, others in the school shy away from me. Being a Mortidian, no one wants to be your friend. So, I just walk up to the secretary’s desk.

"Arceus Cirelle, third year."

"Welcome back, Arceus. I trust there'll be no more troubles?"

"Maybe, I can't say."

She avoids my eyes, which is wise, very wise.

"You're room is number 666, here's the key."

The secretary handed me a key with a slip of paper attached to it. With the key in hand, I walk up to my room. I take out the key and I unlock the door. Tentatively, and unsure, I walk through and am surprised at what I see.

"Oh, hello, you must be my dorm mate."

A girl with knee-length, bluish-white hair greeted me. I looked into her pale, slitted, green eyes with intrigue, and then I quickly averted his gaze.

"Yeah, name's Arceus, nice to meet you. What's your name?"

"Merari Shan Lumi Eria, Dragon Princess."

"Well then."

The End

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