Merari and the Dorm. . .Mature

As Merari walked through the school grounds, attempting to find the office. Other dragon-type monsters whispered and pointed, obviously recognising her as the Mirror Dancer Princess.

She bowed her head, forcing her feet to shuffle onwards. Merari flicked her ridiculously long hair away from her face. As lovely as her hair was, in all its knee-length, blue glory; it was not the most practical of all hair-styles.

Once she'd located the office, Merari stepped inside, a few students looked at her curiously but she ignored their squinty-eyed stares and instead, focused on finding the right office box which held the secretary responsible for giving her the room she was in.

'You, new chick! Your lookin' for your dorm room?' A witch with bright orange hair, crooked teeth and a strong cockney accent called over to Merari, who was looking quite lost.

'Yes, yes I am. Could you please inform me?' Merari asked regally stepping up to the office box.

'Paradox House, Fith floor, room 666.' She grunted, handing Merari a key and a slip of paper. She took it and tucked it into her jean pocket, 'your uniform'll be on the bed for yehh.'

Merari smiled and swivelled around on her heel, her long hair swishing out behind her.



Tp, tp, tp, tp, tp. The sound of Merari's feet echoed around the spiral staircase loudly. Her calves were burning in protest to all the walking and she was panting like a werewolf.

Finally, she reached a. . .door. Right at the top of the staircase with the name plate, 666.

'One room. . ?' Merari thought aloud. She was right at the top?

She pushed open the door, her small heels clacking on the floor as she walked inside.

She almost choked on her shock. Two beds, three windows, one hole in the roof, a set of draws, two desks, a wardrobe and a few other items scattered on the floor.

Merari sank to the floor and felt like crying. This was a mistake. It had to be. Merari Shan Lumi Eria, the dragon princess.. .

Was going to live in a dump for a year. And many years after that. But, nevertheless, she had to make do with what she had. Merari threw her bag on the bed next to the window and lay down, noticing her fresh, crisp uniform on the pillow. It was a weird contrast next to the battered old room.

She pulled an egg from her pocket and popped it open,  Tin-Tan, the prehistoric flying creature gave a small squeak as he streched his wings. He was finally out.

'I do hope some one is in this room with me, or I think I'll go mad, Tin-Tan. . .' Merari grumbled, sighing as she fell asleep.


Yes, yes. This year was going to be very fun. . .

The End

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