Merari Shan Lumi EriaMature

Today was the day. Today was the day. Today was the day!!

Merari Shan Lumi Eria was patiently waiting at the huge kitchen table of the Eria family.

Her letter was going to be coming soon, the door opened and her head snapped up, she winced. She had been sitting on her long, blue hair. 

'Miss Merari, your letter.' Their snooty butler, Jilkens said in a tight voice.

'Give me it!' She hissed at him, her eyes flashing.

Jilkens handed her the letter, as she was tearing it open her father walked in(in his human-shaped form), she sat down at the end of the table and rapped his fingers on it as Merari's eyes scanned through the letter.

He nearly fell out of his seat as she jumped into the air, wings bursting forth from her back as she whooped with joy.

'I got in! I got in!' Was all she could splutter.

'That is wonderful, Merari. You'll become a fine Dragon Princess like you elder sisters.' Her father smiled, he looked at her panting frame. He was relieved she had got into the academy.

'Now go prepare your baggage, Miss Merari. You'll be leaving tomorrow. Your father will be dropping you off at noon. Be sharp in the morning.' Jilkens said in his annoying, stuck-up voice. But Merari was far too happy to care.

She dashed out of the dining room and into her own, as she emptied her draws into her suitcase.




'Bye, father! See you soon!' Merari yelled as her fathers giant form grew smaller and smaller on the horizon. Well, that was a surprise! Dropping her off as a dragon! How stylish! Merari though to herself.

 She walked slowly towards the giant gates which hid the massive school with magic. She rapped three times and waited.

There was a weird buzzing noise and Merari got a small electric shock, but after this occured, the gates opened. Moaning and creaking as they did so.

She looked up in wonder at the gigantic castle-like manner that stood in front of her. She could not believe she was going to be a first year at last!

Because, you see, she was supposed to go when her looks reached to those of an eleven year old, but the letter did not come for quite a few years. And finally, it came!

Merari took a deep breath and placed one mary-jayne-shoed foot on the threshold. . .

The End

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