Beyond the Gate.Mature

Ever thought that there was another world just WAITING to be open. . . well done, you guessed correct!

St. Stargths School for the Supernatural
Dear student,
You have been accepted into St. Stargths School for the Supernatural. Students have been located from all over the world and invited to the Isle of Skye, Scotland, United Kingdom to enter our school. It is located far away from normal humans so there should be no fear of being found. Our school has produced fine students, we have had many famous peoples in our school. One of our most famous would be Vladamir Dracula.We hope you will join our ranks and learn with your kind and other races. The school rules are listed below.

  • No human contact during the school year.
  • Any violence that has not been asked for, is strictly forbidden.
  • No picking on lesser races than your own.
  • If any students are found doing explicit activities on school grounds, community service will the consequence.
  • No interbreeding without permission.
  • Please wear the school uniform correctly
{Girls: Red jumper, blue tie, white blouse, blue skirt w/white or black socks, or trouses.  Boys: Red blazer, blue tie, white blouse, blue trouses w/ white or black socks.}
  • No black market trading. Serious consequences to sellers.
  • Do not eat humans on school grounds, if needed, we can provide body parts to those in dire need of them.
  • ALL students must attend Human Studies Lesson.
Any student who fails to follow these rules will have to be punished.We really do hope you can attend our school,Yours,
M. D. F. G Hollavadav.(Macroy Danctuso Fantalivdaar Gurkenshputten Hollavadav)

The End

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