Beyond the Fingerweb

A guardian helps a young one look beyond and into the complicated world.

“Just take the greatest thought, be it real or not, and look beyond however far you can imagine,” said the guardian.
“The farthest I know is just within the web of my fingers,” the young one replied.
“Then take these hands off your face and peer through the window. The fine lines on your fingers are nothing compared to what’s outside.”
And the young one did. And the world was astounding. But not just astounding, but dangerous, and wondrous, and ponderous. The entirety of the universe could not be contained within a single box, so it must have been within an infinite number of boxes within boxes. In the end, the young one and the guardian were alright with themselves because they both could see beyond the web of their fingers, and they lived life in the boxy universe because they were afraid to die.
For there lay another universe of uncertainty. And boxes.

The End

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