Best Holiday Tradition

Well, i know everybody does this, but if you have any good Christmas traditions, let us know!!!! It doesn't matter how important it is, just tell us anyway. Maybe you're Jewish and don't celebrate Christmas. Then tell us about Hannakuh! (I doubt I spelled that right) Whatever holiday it is you celebrate in the winter, tell us about it!!!!!

Well, every year on Christmas day, most people have this big dinner. Pudding, turkey, almost like a second Thanksgiving. But my family does something different. We have Fajitas. If you don't know what that is, it's some meat with all kinds of bellpeppers and cheese rolled up inside it. Every year we all meet at my Grandma's house for lunch. Then we dig in and eat all teh food we can shove in our mouthes. Anoter thing is my Grandma always does pinatas. She puts all kinds of candies (and for the little kids, toys and stuffed animals) in them, and we have a whack at it. All the older kids love having a whack at Rudolph. (or at least the boys do). When all the pinatas heve been emptied of candies, my Grandma has certain candies that are worth 1, 5, or sometimes 10 dollars. If you have that certain type of candy, you cash it in for money. (but the expensive ones are often everybodies favorites, so they are often eaten before anybody can get any cash for them.) Everybody loves the pinatas. Both of those are what I love most about my family's Christmas. Sure, it's a bit different, but that's why I love my family. We never do the normal thing, but instead the abnormal thing. So that's mt Christmas. What's yours?????

The End

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