Butch: Why don't you join me Butch?Mature

The door slammed.

Immediately two thoughts entered my head.

Number one, my cousins must have just entered the house.

Number two, they better have the money, or I'm gonna skin them.

I got off the couch and hid my knife in my back pocket. Angie always hated it when he saw me playing with my knife. But hey! Whatcha gonna do?

They walked around the corner. My jaw dropped. "Angie what happened to your head?" I asked in a surprised tone. I stared at the sharp cut on his temple and scowled. "That dirty rat did that to ya, huh? I oughta-"

"Butch I'm fine, now shut up about it will ya?" Angie snapped.

I muttered to myself and pulled out my knife. I collapsed back onto the couch and started to rub the blade against my finger. It really isn't that entertaining, it's just become a habit.

"Put away your knife," Angie said sharply as Tommy led him over to the chair opposite of me. Slowly he sat down, still holding his head.

"Fine," I sighed. I tossed the knife up into the air. It spun clockwise many times before finally stabbing into the table between us. "It's put, now what happened?"

Tommy frowned then looked away. "He wouldn't pay us, then he started blabbering about how he's got new friends and blah blah blah."

Angie opened one eye for a moment. "You have any idea why that guy had a Caffarelli in his shop?"

"A Caffarelli?" I asked, jumping back to my feet. "Why that dirty little-"

"I dealt with it Butch, now sit down," Tom said in an annoyed tone.

I crinkled my nose. "I hope when you say 'I dealt with it Butch' you mean that you killed that shop guy and the entire Caffarelli family! Because if you didn't then it's not dealt with."

Tom glanced over at Angie, who was moaning and groaning quietly. "He's got a point, I have to admit."

Angie ignored him and looked outside. There was a balmy breeze and the trees were swaying. Not a cloud in the sky.

"Angelo, I said he's got a point. You have anything to say about that?"

Angie turned. "No Tommy, I don't. I have absolutely nothing to say on the matter. I have a headache-for obvious reasons-and I would appreciate it if you both would shut up."

The room was silenced at that moment. When Angie was upset, no one dared speak. Not that he would hurt us of course. Ha! Angie couldn't hurt a fly. Just because, Angie rarely gets upset. So when he does, everyone knows that something is up.

Tommy shifted his gaze to the ground for a moment. "I'm goin to go out for a walk, why don't you join me Butch?"

"Nah, I'll stay here," I said with a sigh, shrugging as I fell back onto the couch.

"Why don't you join me Butch?" Tommy said again, this time much more sharply.

"I already told you I'll-"


I widened my eyes. "Ohh...I see." I stood up and looked over at Angie, who was now ignoring us. I took a deep breath then began to follow Tommy outside. He opened the door for me and I walked out. We began to walk down the sidewalk in complete silence. Just like old times...

Good times...

The End

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