Bertucci: A Mafia StoryMature

The Mafia is taking over! Can a criminal mastermind and his cousins rule the world of crime? (This is a closed story, no one may join.)

"You owe my cousin here a lot of money.  I would suggest you pay up.  Bad things happen to people who don't pay their debts," said Thompson "Tommy Gun" Bertucci  as he took a long drag from his cigar.

"Oh yeah, and why should I be scared of you?  You think you can just come down here to my shop and push me around?  Well I have some new friends now, so I think I'll just let you try something.  Or are you too scared?"  So full of himself, he thinks he is just going to deny the Bertucci their money?  He may just want to reconsider that.

Cousin Angelo spoke up, saying, "You know, if we don't protect you, then the other families might bust this place up.  You wouldn't want that, it would cost more money than just paying us.  So why don't you just give me the money?"

The shopkeeper pointed to a big man walking in the door.  He was a Caffarelli enforcer.  They're a pretty big family, but they tend to shy away from the Bertucci.  He grabbed a piece of pipe and hit my cousin in the head.  Angelo fell to the ground, unconscious and bleeding.

He swung the pipe back for another hit, but the bullets from my Thompson sub-machine gun stopped him in his tracks.  The shopkeeper has not only seen too much, but he has betrayed the family.  I aimed the rifle at him and opened fire.

Two dead bodies riddled with bullets just would not do.  I picked up the shell casings and put them in my pockets.  I went to the front of the store and emptied the register.  Finding a lantern, I lit it and dropped it on the floor.  I dragged Angelo out the back to the car.

I drove back to the compound and stopped in front of the house.

The End

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