Anna - Days and NightsMature

I didn't like night time. It only proved that day was soon approaching. And I had to spend the day with Marco. He scared me.... worse than that shark film he made me watch called 'The deep blue sea'. And there was a hell of a lot of blood and death in that.

I don't get how I could become afraid of one person. I mean if its my fear I should see a logic right? But I don't and I find that just weird. Some way or another I'll work it out eventually. I mean even though I don't attend school I aint stupid. I'm smart. I love poetry, art and music. Creative topics. I like a bit of shakespears as well. The romance parts mainly.

Cause I don't get that round here and when I go out I feel afraid to approach boys. I mean what if they are like Marco and all they want to do is touch and use me. I'm no longer as ignorant to what he's doing as before. I read up and occasionally some dayd I avoid him.

Anyway... I believe I need to sleep. I share a room with Darya and the guys share the other room. What will we do if Nataliya joins us? Her join me a Darya and share the double with Darya. Something tells me no but.... I'm not sure.


"I'll see you later" Aleksey says. He gives me a hug and I kiss his cheek. I don't do the lips like when I was a kid. I find that odd now. I mead seriously. He's my older brother I don't find it right.

"See you as well" Darya says grabbing her bag and leaving. She pats me on the shoulder. "I might bring something else back today"

Then the door shuts. I look at Marco who smiles. Then it begins. I jump from my chair and almost reach the bedroom before he picks me up by the waist. I hate being small. He takes me back to the sofa and drops me there. "Lets watch a film, Anna" He says with a smile.

I don't want to watch a film with you. But I nod silently and he puts it on. During the film Marco's hand goes to my leg and I try and blank out the rest.

The End

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