After Aleks I collected the dishes and left them beside the sink, if no one did them tonight I might do them tomorrow. I doubted that though I will probably be too busy looking for the next fix. I hated myself, and drugs, but now it seemed to late to change it, and its a part of my life no matter how much I wanted to stop it. Stop the person I am, and becoming.

I sit down lazily at the couch lazily observing the others, Anna did her best to avoid me, occasionally Darya would make eye contact with me, while she talked to Nataliya. Then there was Nataliya, I wasn't sure what to make of her yet. She obviously hadn't been hit by too many tragedy's and was probably unsure what to make of us. I look up at the window ahead, and can feel the cold coming through, tonight was going to be another cold night full of nightmares. I thought to myself before zoning out and staring at a wall for an unmeasurable amount of time.

"Marco." Darya says pulling me away from the wall, and other thoughts.


"Come with me, to walk Nataliya home." She says, and I nod putting on a jacket. I didn't feel like talking much.

The End

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