I chuckled to myself as I put down my backpack and lowerd the hood of my coat. "Aleksey, or Aleks. Either one." I said with a grin as I offered my hand. "Nataliya, or Nataliya. Either one." She said and we both laughed. I grabbed my wallet out of my pocket and threw it onto the couch. I gave both Dasha and Nataliya a nod and waltzed off to my room.

I karate kicked the door open, smacked the light switch on, jumped over everything on the floor and somersaulted across my bed. What a ledgend. I know how jealous Marco would have been if he had of saw that.

I leant back on my pillow and looked at the small crack in that old roof of ours that was right above my head. Why does he need that money? Basayev can't be that desperate? And why did he ask me?

I rolled over but couldn't get comfortable because of that stupid phone in my pocket. I yanked it out, 5:32 pm already! CRAP! I must have fell asleep. No surprise, I mean with all these late nights and stuff. I bolted out of my room and army rolled back down the hallway. Natarnya or whatever her names was, was still here.

"You eatin' here?" I asked, trying to act cool."Uhh..."She began to say."STAY!" I exclaimed faster than you could say loser."I mean uhh, stay, if you want. I mean I don't care, do whatever you want but uhh, it's cool" I said trying to cover up for what I had just yelled out like a complete LOSER. "Well, i guess. If that's okay?" She said in an unsure tone. Dasha glance over at me out the corner of her eye and gave a secret little wink. I swear my face went so red you could have cooked bellini on it.


"So, Natarnya, you gotta' home?" I asked, once again being my above average cool self."Yeah, but my parents and i aren't really speaking at the moment. And it's Nataliya." She grinned at me and then looked back down at her plate. "Why not?" Anna asked curiously. "More toast anyone?" Marco asked. So many questions. 

I stared down at my plate, not sure what to say next. An eerie silence filled the air. I scratched my head and quickly glanced up to see what Nataliya was doing. Nothing special, I guess.

"So, ahh, if everyone is done here, i'll be going." I said trying to break the silence."Out, again, now, why?" Anna whined. "Just out okay, i don't always have to tell you everything, why are you all so worried!" I yelled as I scooped up my back pack and stormed out the door. I paused because I felt bad for yelling at them. Mood swing much? I grasped the handle which was pretty much frozen, twisted it and stuck my head in. "sorry guys."I whispered. I smiled and quietly shut the door as I squelched my way through the ice and snow that covered the ground. I had to see Basayev.

The End

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