I sat next to Marco fidgetting. My hands shook slightly but I forced them to remain still. I mean.... he would be angry and tommorow would be a hell of a lot worse.

I mean no one knows what happens when they're all gone...... and Marco prefers it that way.


2 hours ago

I hide in the corner of my room and take deep breaths. I have to go out eventually. I mean I have to eat... and drink and I desperately need the toilet. "Okay" I whisper. "Just to the bathroom and back"

I nod then rise to my shaking legs. I walk to the door and peek out looking both ways. Then run across the small hallway and into the bathroom closing and locking it behind me.

But now he knows I'm out..... he'll be waiting. And he is. As soon as I open the door Marco grabs my wrist and I cry out. He shoves me against the wall by my throat.

I stuggle and kick out but Marco shakes his head. "How many times Anna? " He says. "You can't out smart me no matter how many books you read"

I feel my eyes begin to tear up and he laughs. "Please let go Marco... it hurts" I whisper.

"You think I still care about that fact" He whispers into my ear. A tear spills and I shake my head eyes closed. "Well, at least you've learned something from our little time together"

A sob escapes my lips and I regret it instantly. Marco smiles and drags me into the bedroom never mind my silent screams and me trying to pull away. He tosses me onto the bed and I have only enough time to roll over before he's on top of me.

I try to scream but he clamps a hand over my mouth. "Relax Anna" Marco whispers. I whimper as his other hand strokes up my leg. He pulls my skirt up and slides his hand into my pants.....


I'm yanked back into the present by the sound of the door opening. I jump from my seat and run across the room to jump at Aleks who easily catches me. He laughs as he hugs me and carrys me back to the others.

"It nice to see you too Anna..... Now who do we have here?" Aleks asks raising an eyebrow at Nataliya.

The End

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