Being Alone and Being Yourself.

“OMG! Look at her. How could she live her whole life muffled?” “LOL! It’s like he’s dead. Does he exist?” “Damn!! He doesn’t speak much. He’s so weird.” “Dumbass she is! So silent”

World! Hold on. So many comments, why? Feeling pity because they don’t have anyone or Being jealous seeing them celebrating loneliness?

Being Alone!! Seems so simple but believe me, It’s not. Once I was one among those people making weird comments thinking they’re weird. But I bet, everyone in their life must have gone through this spell. Some might have chosen, some were forced to and few own it.

I feel being alone, having nobody around to yell out & cry is a span where we experience life. We feel alone even if we miss that one person, loneliness haunts where everyone seems to be busy around, life seems to be abandoned when no love exists.

On contrary! We feel to be ourselves to know more about oneself, we chose our own soul as a best friend so that it never cheats, and we like to be private so there is always someone to treat you special.

So, what do you call? Being alone or Being yourself!!!

Being alone! Sounds tedious. I think this would be one of the sensitive phases of a person who feels he is all alone in this crowded world. The actions of him are highly unpredictable, so as his reactions. I’m not catching it as negativity, but no one can tell the way he takes to face world. Sometimes, he remains unknown to himself. He might go delicate, he might get ready for a change, he might go wild or he might go mute throughout his lifespan. Still they live their life. They create their own little world and escape from circle. There, they might find happiness or atleast unaffected.

Some have this period as a gift. They build themselves a lot. They grow stronger, learn from past experiences, starts analyzing stuffs that turned their life upside down. On an overall, they adapt a positive approach to face a purely negative situation. Everybody experiences life, but these folks can define life. They have the spark to conquer any hurdles that come across. They know the depth of emotions, value of time and cost of a small mistake. They know their existence. These are people who pass positive energy to world. They are the ones who loves to be oneself.

Life is a beautiful journey on never-ending roads. Approach it in anyway, it will stop you to a place which you never thought of. Enjoy, experience and try to define your own life.

The End

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