Before You're SilencedMature

A brief excerpt from a short story I'm writing, in which the entire story is told through two characters speaking.

This is a monologue from one of the most crucial scenes.

Enjoy, Loves :3

I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me - no, don't let your eyes shift! - and tell me you're not the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

I want you to reach for my wrists and tell me you only deserve to slice your own.

I want your lips to brush, oh, just - just - a brush against mine
and I want you to whisper that you're willing to never kiss me again.

I want you to feel the rapid beating of my heart. Do you feel it? Do you know that the blood of your veins is every bit as worthful as mine?

I want you to take off your shoes and walk toward me, and, Darling -

- tell me you're willing to give this up - that you're willing to never walk into my arms again - that we'll never go anywhere together again.

I see your worth. I see it clearly. Tell me you don't believe I find you worthful, and I will silence your words with a kiss;
before you silence them with a slit to your wrists.

The End

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