Viole; First GigMature

So we took to Lolita's basement, Pixie would hit the drums and Loki and Lotilta did something to the guitars to make them sound epic... hey tried to teach me but i failed miserably. I wasn't allowed to touch it anymore.


Loki burst into the basement with some yellow flyers.

"Guys! Let's get out shit together, we have a gig!" he chucked the flyers at us

"Fuck, we're in the first round of the metallic battles! Fucking hell, how'd we get in?" Pixie was very liberal with her use of swears, she was the one who sorted out our songs, made them 'real' as she put it.

"Well, I signed us up, chucked a demo CD in the envelope when they asked for it and I got these in the post today... we're on the motherfucking poster for a gig!"

"It makes us look like a fucking joke Loki. Grabbing Arses, Suicide Machine, Orange Cougars, Vickor and the Bats and Jack Shit. We look like a joke slapped on the end of a band list." Lolita took the flyer and stuck it onto the front of her music folder for the keyboard. "We're a fucking joke in our debut gig!"

"We can't ask for everything guys!"

"Why not?" Lolita took my flyer, "we're not only last on the list, we're a fucking joke!"

"Well what else would we be? Jack Shit lets us open to that sort of joke-making! Live with it or change it!" Loki was getting angry and it was funny in an odd way.

"You think of something better than that then genius." Pixie was the one who had unanimously decided on the name.

"Just calm down guys, I like the name and so what if some big shit idiots want to take the piss? We're gonna crush their laughter with some pretty epic music so why are we even bothered?" he whole room was in silence, followed by a quick round of grunts of agreement. "So lets get practicing, when is it?"

"Tonight starting at 9pm."

"Fuck, best just do our three best ones then?"

"Of course. But I prefer Bloody Cookies, it has one epic drum solo and the rift is just out of this world."

"I was referring to Bloody Cookies, Fractured and should we end with a ballad sort of one or a thumping 'I want to hear some more of that shit' song?"

"Second option."

"So 'Liberal bullshitters?"

There was a resounding 'fuck yeah'  and a moving of instruments. "Can we start with Bloody Cookies, I forgot the opening beats."

"It's DUH duh duh, DUH DUH DUH duh duh duh duh duh..." Loki was taking the piss...

"Make it easier for my tiny fucking mind?" Pixie chucked a stick at him.

"I didn't know you tiny mind had a cock big enough to do any fucking?" Loki seemed to be on fire with this today, obviously excited.

"Shut up and get your lucky plectrum ready for later before I snap it."

"Guy's After this song can you help me pick out our outfits? We don't want to look like shit with our name... it might reinforce the name too much." Lolita put her strap over her head.

"I'll get my turd costume out." I was about three seconds from snapping Loki's neck.

"Your fucking Halloween costume will be burned if you so much as dare."

Loki quickly started with a rift... Pixie started and Lolita joined in... One, two, three...

"Betty Crocker joined be in the kitchen today... We baked cookies until midnight, and I stabbed her with those fucking frosted treats. Where do I put her mangled corpse? The blood drips into the bowl, so I put it in the cookie batter."

"Cookie batter." Lolita's Mic wasn't turned on.

They stopped jamming. "Sort out the leads, you've most probably chucked two of the Amp leads in."


I was amazed at the grandeur of the main hall, it looked so old yet not old. I think the best word would be 'aged'. The hall was of a classic Victorian design and we were here to play, play songs the makers of this building would have thought of the devil. Our demonic music would fill this hall and it would rock the hearts and minds of all those who heard it. Today was our day.

The End

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