Lolita- The Base.Mature

First things first, we needed somewhere that we could make noise without the police knocking on the door every 5 minutes. Right now we were at my house chilling, or 'chillaxin'' ( Chilling and relaxing, a word Pixie liked to use).

'You guys know anywhere suitable?' Viole said, playing with her braids. 'I mean, your not doing it at my house. No way your going to run up my electricity bill.' Still playing with her hair, she looked at Pixie.

'Uhh- you know my parents don't like you guys.' Complained Pixie with a whining tone. 'They'll kill me if they caught us jammin' in the basement. Plus they said if I misbehave again, the'll take my studs of me.' With her puppy-dog eyes, she turned to Loki.

'Ah dude, I don't have a basement.' Loki said, tucking into a full fat cheese burger from Maccy D's. I'm jealous that he can eat that sort of crap without piling on the pounds.

'Don't you have a garage?' Viole asked, sounding excited. Viole hated small places, and Loki's garage was big enough to fit 4 cars in. 

'Yeh, but I'm banned. I shoved my motorbike in it one day and scratched my old man's precious car.' answered Loki, looking very regretful.

'Uggghh! What the fuck are we going to do now?' shouted Viole, loosing her cool for a minute or two.

'Hey, you do realise that I have a garage and a basement?' I said, before everyone started bickering. Last time we all starting arguing, it was over who sat on the comfy massage chair. Let's just say in the end nobody ended up sitting on it.. Because it ended up being broke and so did 3 fingers. And yes, it was at my house.  Again. 'You could have just asked me, idiots.'

They all nodded in agreement. Of course they knew I had somewhere we could use. I mean, we always meet up at my house to chill or to go out to some party to get wasted. My house was most.. well I suppose you could say most 'normal' and my mom and dad do shit all about the mess we create because they are pretty much up there own arses. Not that many parents are like that, but I have it pretty lucky. I get to do whatever I want as long as I'm working part time and use my OWN money for my OWN stuff. But when I say they don't care, that's only if we don't annoy them. Thank god my dad doesn't get angry a lot.

If the band were the family, I'd be the big sister. I may not be the oldest, but I'm the most reliable. I swear, how can people forget their instruments?! So basically, whenever there is something wrong, they turn to me. Always have, always done.

'Lolita! Your so dependable!' Pixie said with a huge grin on her face.

'You should stop relying on Lolita man. It aint' right she does everything. Loki sarcastically said. To be honest, I don't mind.

'Hypocrite!' shouted Viole, suddenly quieting down drastically. 'But, um yeah... Sorry Lolly.' Almost mumbling.

'No, no it's fine, I don't give a fuck anyway, it's normal. Well, I should think it is, since we've known each other for years. Oh and don't call me Lolly. Ever. Again.' I replied in a soft tone. They say the same things every time, but never change. Thinking about the last few years spent with them, I chuckled under my breath.

'That's true... Ah, I'm gonna be late! I'm getting a new tattoo!!' said Pixie, stuffing her stuff into the giant Ed Hardy bag she brought with her.

'Haven't you got enough tattoos? Where on earth do you have room for them?' Loki sort of said, as he was gurgling some sort of energy drink that looked illegal.

'That's a surprise! You'll have to see next time.' Shouted Pixie, already half way down the drive. 

Looks like we'll all be hanging round my house a lot in the nearby future then...

The End

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