Becoming Rich and FamousMature

Band, Jack !@*! tell the story of how they got started, fame, grime, sex and music.

I am going to die eventually, even if it's not soon. But I am, like, twenty eight now and ancient. I want the story of how we, myself and the rest of the band, became who we were...


We were but a simple band of musicians that sought world wide renown, the clangs of cymbals, the thick beats of drums, the twangs of guitar strings, the bass guitar, the keyboard, the vocal harmonies and me. I'm, or should I say, I was the vocalist.

Our band didn't get too far, not on a worldwide scale, we were known, just not the 'best' as every young rock star would have hoped. In our minds we were always the best though.

Loki was our lead guitar, and bloody good. I didn't understand much about how instruments worked, I could barely handle a triangle without making a balls up of it. It was a good thing I could sing. But Loki understood it all. He could play anything but he preferred the guitar. He was just a free spirit, his hair was wild and he was very thin. We all called him Iggy, as in Iggy Pop because of that. He'd eat hamburgers, fries and milkshakes and stay like that. Lucky bastard.

Pixie was our drums. She was destined for huge things and stuck with us. Not that any of us complained, neither did she. She was crazy, covered in as many piercings as she could possibly get without being more metal than human. I loved going through airport security with her. Or any place that had metal detectors, which as it turned out, any big arena.

Lolita played our bass guitar, sometimes the keyboard and did the harmonies. I think she was the most normal of all of us. She was from a big middle class family like me, so we both had the 'posh' accents of the group. But she was the most strait laced. She had short clipped hair and it was a normal color.

Then there was me. I was just lead vocals, and if we could use the loop recordings I was also in some of the harmonies, but not often. I had my hair in long braids and tried to get them each a different color. Seeing as that would have been too difficult I had them in green, pink and black and laced silver ribbons into the braid. It looked good. I had, well I still have lots of tattoos, some of them on show, some not, and like Pixie I have some piercings, nose, bellybutton and up my ears.

Together we called ourselves Jack Shit. That was a funny story, thinking about it. We couldn't think of a name, so we decided to jam in Lolita's garage and think among the atmosphere of our music, smoke and grime. Her parents were to blame for our name really. Her dad (Dave) came in and said "Will you guys stop dreaming of nothing, stop doing jack shit and get jobs! You're a total waste on taxpayers like me!" The name stuck. It was great when we got asked that by an interviewer the first time. It felt like we were just going to get going...

The End

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