These events were a big family affair. I think they are the only time when all races could happily sit in the same room with out a fight. Well, I say happily. A gloomy silence loomed over us as the hand on the clock ticked closer to the time. An hour. Thirty minutes. Ten. Five. Time.

‘Eliza, you need to go now. You have to go in alone.’ Mum stood up, herding me to the open door. A black empty room. The room of all changes. I gave Evie one last look- showing her everything- that I was sorry, and I never wanted to loose her. She saw, and her eyes filled with tears. This was it. The final seconds of a peaceful life. I walked into the room- no looking back- as the door was shut behind me.

A light appeared in the corner of the room. I looked at it, growing, getting brighter, until it engulfed me in a warmth. I heard a voice all around me.

‘Eliza Draco. Your time has come. Choose now- but remember the consequences of everything you do.’

‘I understand. I choose,’ I closed my eyes, and smiled. ‘I will be an Angel.’

The light got brighter, as I saw myself with white wings, before it all disappeared. But I knew- it was inside me. I had chosen my fate- now to show my family.

The End

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