Eliza's Day

As I picked at the burnt scrambled eggs, I watched Eliza anxiously. Today was the day that could be the turning point of her life. There was no doubt that she would not choose the middle path of the life of Fairies or Humans, and, I realised, there was nothing I could do to alter her mind.

I also cast my eyes across at my parents, muttering to themselves over by the stove. They smiled, the sharp grins tinged with cruelty; they knew how this day would end: in pain for us all. I could see that they were trying to make days like these special, but love was agony to them. Love and hate were nothing to me; I felt little as they laid their different hands upon my heart, but I saw the havoc that they wrecked upon life and the people who walked through the world.

I sidled over to Eliza.

“So, what do you want to do today? Whatever you want; this weekend world is yours for the day.”

Eliza looked up from her barely-touched breakfast.

“I’d quite like to go out.  To the park or something. I need a bright place to think.”

Eliza was, I knew, referring to the local park that spread wide, full of leafy green trees and golden sunlight lighting up the array of flowers like lights. The sun also bounced off two lakes, tranquil and serene with fish that darted mysteriously amongst the silence.

I liked it, I knew Eliza loved the place, but my parents didn’t. Surely mum would allow this one day for her?

“Okay,” I nodded, “Get dressed and we can go.”

Washing up the breakfast plates, my thoughts ran away. Suddenly I found that my hands had stopped scrubbing, my eyes glazed over and stared into the barren garden. I needed the change.

But, by midnight, all the anticipation would be gone.

The End

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