Birthday Morning


So, it seemed my family knew my choice. But they weren’t going to say anything. Today was the day. And they were acting like normal.

I had just woken up when I hear my door open, and heard Evie bound in, and then jump on the bed.

‘Happy birthday!’ She yelled down my ear. ‘Come on, Eliza. Wake up! I want you to open your present.’

I yawned. ‘I told you I didn’t want anything. I don’t want to celebrate it today. Not with what’s going to happen.’

‘Well, I ignored you. And it’s all the more reason to do something. Come on, open this!’ she thrust a large rectangle parcel on my lap. Knowing I couldn’t say no to her, I started to slowly open it. It turned out to be a photo frame, with pictures of my life and friendship with Evie. I smiled, a small tear escaping down my cheek.

‘Hey, no crying! Today is happy. Worry about everything tomorrow.’ She hugged me. ‘You’ll do the right thing. I know you will.’ She grabbed my hand and forced me out the room.

Down stairs, the atmosphere was strained. It felt the same on Evie’s 16th, but now it was aimed at me. Mum was stood in the kitchen, cooking breakfast. She turned and smiled at me. That was strange in its self.

‘Good morning, Eliza! Happy birthday! I made you breakfast.’ I looked at the plate she was holding. The bacon was under cooked and the eggs look like coal. But she had tried. But for what? Why be nice to me, when she knew I wasn’t going to change my mind? She saw the look on my face and laughed.

‘I’m not doing this to blackmail you! It’s just- just that if you choose wrong tonight, this is my last day with you. After that, well, you know what’s going to happen. I haven’t been a good mother. And I know you hate me because of what I am. But soon, I will hate what you are. I can’t stop being me- and I cant change. But I can say sorry.’ She walked out the room- but not before I hear a sob.

‘She was never that nice to me!’ Evie said.

‘Evie. Don’t. It’s not funny. I HATE this’ I shouted.

‘Liza- there’s nothing you can do about it. You know that people have tried. Just think, in twelve hours, you’ll be choosing! What do you want to do for the rest of the day?’

The End

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