The Demon Pitch


After Evie had left my room, I curled up again on my bed, relieved that she could not see the tears dripping down my face. I knew what she was worried about. I hadn’t told anyone of my choice, not even my own sister. And she thought it was because I would turn bad. After everything we had been through, she still didn’t know me enough.

I heard a tap at the door. And then it open without an answer. I knew who it was without looking up.

‘What do you want, mum?’ I said as she sat down on the bed. I knew what was about to happen.  The same happened to Evie the day before her 16th. It was the ‘dark side talk’- minus the cookies.

‘Well, Eliza. The time has come. You have the biggest decision of your life tomorrow. What do you think you will choose?’

I sat up, rubbing my eyes. ‘I don’t know, mum.’

‘Let me give you some help then. There are three main choices- of course, you can have the smaller ones as well, but they are useless. You could be fairy, angel, or’ she paused, a smile appearing round the corners of her mouth. ‘Demon.’

‘I do know. I just need space to decide.’

She laughed. ‘I just want to tell you everything. What would happen if you choosewrong.’

‘Are you threatening me, mum?’

‘No. I’m just… warning you. Now. As you know, your sister is a fairy. This means she is nothing. She has a little good, and a little bad, and can do small things for both sides. This is the coward’s way out- not having to choose, and not having to fight.’

‘My sister is not a coward! She is worth ten of you!’ red flashed in my mothers eyes. I could tell it took her everything not to hit me.

‘Don’t argue. I am right. The angels. Well, they are wimps. Always doing the right thing, they don’t last long. They never seem to understand beinggoodand full oflovedoes not make you stronger. We soon kill them. The demons however, where do I begin? The strongest, bravest best thing you could be. And you will be with me forever. We never die. We are the hightest of all, the rulers. The power we have.  Have I helped you? Do you understand what you must be?’

‘I understand whatyouwant me to be. And I won’t be it. I will choose my own future- and it won’t be with you!’ her eyes turned dark red.

‘If you will be like that, Fine. But you won’t last long.’ I closed my eyes, knowing what was coming, as her hand impacted into my stomach. I heard her storm out, and slam the door.

The End

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