Becoming An Angel

Eliza has beeen brought up in a cursed world. Every person from her family, on their 16th birthday, has to decide weather to be Good or Evil. And her time to decide has come. She knows what to do, but what will the concequinces be?

In three weeks time, it’s my birthday. My 16th. Most people would be happy about it, but not me. My 16thwill be the one chance I have of changing everything. For good, for bad, for both. Its hard to explain, but I’ll try.

My parents are both demons. Evil, vile monsters. Many years ago, on the night of their 16thbirthday, they chose this path. And they never looked back. They enjoy the darkness. The pain they inflict on people. And they think it’s a path I will take too.

My sister is neutral- neither good nor bad. They call her a fairy- one who has nothing to loose or gain from love or hate.

Me? I’m nothing. Not yet. I have travelled the world, meeting beings like us, trying to find what I want to be. Well, I’ve decided. I think I had decided long ago, but buried it inside of me, knowing that my choice will put me in danger. I know what I’m going to be. An Angel filled with goodness, love, and light.

In three weeks, this is the path I will choose. And my parents will hunt me down-and kill me because of it.


You may think it sounds fantastic, being able to decide what to be-Human, Fairy, Demon, Angel, but its not. What you choose is what you are. Forever. And for some of us, that is a long time. The choice can turn sister against brother, mother against son. My choice will turn my parents against me. They choose darkness, to live life without fear; I chose the light, living in fear for others. The war against the cursed ones has been raging for years. Good against bad. Love against hate. Light against dark.

This is not a blessing. This is a curse. A curse passed down for generations. We carry the sins of out relatives- nothing stops the choice- but everyone has tried.

The End

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