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So there!

This is my first entry.

Hello people of the world!  I'm ___________.  I reign from a small town in a small state in the U.S.  I'm a teen going to a regular high school and I'm pretty lucky compared to a lot of people.  I have two parents that love each other and have followed through with their vow " 'til death do us part" (you know when two people are in love because my dad "swoons" my mom) . I also have two sisters that love me also (or so I think and hope!).  I try to be the best sister.  Best of all, I have a Father who loves me for who I am despite my imperfections.

Just some fun facts:

My favorite food is donuts. 

 I love the color yellow.

And I really like to print things.

My favorite animal is a sheep. 

I love oatmeal.

And I really hope to someday fall in love (in fact I think I'm obsessed with the idea...). 

This would be my dream:

1. Go to college.

2. Meet a fellow who loves God with all his heart, has good qualities,and is good looking, fall in love, and get married.

3. Travel the world.

4. Settle down and have kids.


Sadly not all dreams come true.  Even some "dry up like a rasin in the sun" (book we're reading in English!).  I just really hope mine explode-not like a bomb, but a firework.  I hope it becomes better than I imagined.

So there.

The End

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