Hinata: Meeting their Pet.Mature


I slowly walked up the drive to the cullens house. .. again. But this time no one came out tto greet me.

'Yoooooooouuuuuu hoooooo!' I call out, my voice echoed back at me. 'Any one hooooooome?!'

'Anyone hoooooome?!'

'Edd, Bella, Alice? Smemmit(<-- his nickname)?'

'Edd, Bella, Alice? Smemmit?'

'Ok, stop copying me echo!!'

'OK, stop copying me echo!!'

'Fine then, I'm an idiot!!'

'Your an idiot!!'

'Ehh? Hummff. I'll just whisper then.'

I sauntered up the ridiculously long drive a little further. I was expecting one of the inbreeding Cullens to come see me, but much to my suprise, a big puppy came to see me.

'Oh, it's just a mutt; it kinda looks like Scooby Doo...'

It twitched then shrank into a scrawny-looking guy with no clothes on.

'Dude. Seriously! Put some clothes on you indecent bugger!!' I yelp.

'No, I swore I'd always show off my awesome abbs and glistning body.' He said in a totally fake husky voice.

'Pah! Even a toddler has bigger abbs then you, washboard!'I scoffed.

'Washboard?!' He echoed icreduosly.


'My name is...' He paused for effect, 'Jacob Black.'

'Great. Now can you tell the Insestuous Cullens that the assasin Hinata is here to beat them up?' I asked.

'I wont allow you to touch my Bella.'

'You me Isabella?'

'No it's Bella. She hates being called that.'

'Oh, sorry.' I apologised.

'Hey, washboard?'


'Go fetch!' I yelled, lobbing a stick into the tree's, his head snapped up and be bounded after it, 'fixed that. Simples! I didn't know that vampires kept pets. . .'

I grunted then decided to give up for today. I'd beat up the blood-suckers later...

The End

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