Because We Failed to Assasinate Edward Cullen: Let's Assasinate Isabella Swan.Mature

this is a carry on from the last story but anyone is welcome to join!! Let's have fun murdering Bella!!!

Assasins to choose from:

  1. Assasin one: Lili, male,  Hardcore metal head. has a pet pig which wears a bandana
  2. Assasin two: Rose, Female, girly, airhead, pitcher.
  3. Assasin three: Rachel, female, scary appearence, athleate, skilled in judo, aikedo, nin-jutsu and karate.
  4. Assasin four: Kiba, male, thinks himself a 'hit man', wears red, has a pet pug which weras a tiara.
  5. Assasin Five: James, waitor by day- assasin by night, likes the ladies, blonde, hottie, arrogant.
  6. Assasin Six: Hinata, femal, strong, doesn't hold back, rude, boistous, loud, good fighter, has a pet duck called Frigg. assasins......................*brand you assasins waiting to be picked by you! Please use them with care, not for children under 5...................

  1. New Assasin One: Pink, has pink hair, pink eyes, pink make-up, a pink motorbike, pink clothes. MALE.
  2. New Assasin Two:Bedric, red hair, blue eyes, wears almost all denim, likes to smoke but his Granny keeps scolding him for it. He acts all tough but when things get scary to too hard he'll always run back to Grandma Bedric.
  3. New Assasin Three: Chris, has a beared, long bangs, hard face, scary appearence, he is a second year of High School(12-13 y/o). Has a pet kitten called Puddles.


assasinate Mrs. Isabella Swan by this Christmas.

You have Year.

Do it sooner if possible.

If you can kill any other bloodsuckers on the way; go ahead!!!!

The End

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