Because sleep does not will it

My Manic and I- Laura Marling,was the inspiration for this one.

Reasons why I can't lose you.

I heard yesterday. And I promised myself I couldn't cry, because one of us has to be okay, and at the moment, it's my turn. I have to uphold that. I can't let myself go.

I can't lose you, because you're the most talented person I know. You're the best friend that was there through thick and thin. You're the one on the other end of the phone when I'm sad, and there  holding her sides when we can't breathe from laughing too hard at something stupid. 

You play My Manic and I better than the original, and I can't bear to think that I'd lose you, I really can't. But you're a better actress than  I am, and I can't read your mind. I'm scared I really will lose you, somewhere I can't bring you home again. Your sadness is carrying you off in waves of panic and self loathing. You tie yourself to reality through little marks of sharp edges and numbers in Roman. 

Please, please, don't let them carry you off. Who would I be without you?  You're so beautiful, and you don't see it. Everyday, you open your eyes, and look in the mirror, and hate the girl you see there.  Don't let a malicious, catty set of girls crush your spirit. 

Why, you ask? Why bother? Because, you have such a shining future ahead of you. Whether it includes me or not, it's still there waiting for you. Your dreams of London and directing aren't gone now. 

So smile, smile for you, smile for me. Because I can't bear to think you'd give up your whole life.  Be strong for me, my dear. 


The End

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