Tork: ConfusionMature

After pandora magically healed my head, and I made my self look like an idiot by falling in to Ayasha's arms.  Afterwards they took me to the living room for me to lay down.  I wish I wasn't so shy.

" What ever you do don't sleep." Pandora warns me.

" Its okay I'll sit with him and make sure he won't fall asleep." She sit across from me. I sorta blushed no one usually cared for me that much

" Thats if you two don't need t do something." She says. 

I was about to ask what that was supposed to mean. But they walked out of the room so I guess I didn't need to understand what that meant.  not shortly afterwards comes a knock on the door. Pandora rushed down the stairs.

" The grounskeeper saw fit too phone the police."

They begins to plan things out. When there done Ayasha goes to answer the door , and  a bandage apears in Pandora's hand. I stare at it. That is wierd. She puts it around my head.  I was really confused right now.

" Why you putting a fake bandage on my head?"

" No time to explian ... I'm not here." She says quietly

she becomes invisble.

" You really aren't"  I say shocked

Then cops come in the room this was just getting really messed up. I hardly  understand how I hurt myself. Now I have to be playing along with the police. This was not only interesting but kinda scary. Ayasha leads some police officers to me. They look like they we looking for something more

" You alright kid?" The woman police officers ask.

I went for an upbeat sounding voice. 

" Yeah just a bumb. I should be fine." That didn't feel to good lieing it was process my brain didn't want use it rather heal first.

They walk out then a few minutes later a familiar old man walks in to the room and Ayash begins to ask him questions.

" You want something what is it?" She tells him.

He looks down at his feet , he looked damm uncomftrable. 

" There something wierd going on here , and I'm going to find out what it is." He replies.

"Wierd why don't you hit your head hard enough to forget things then have cops come in for no reason try that." I say


The End

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