Ayasha: PoliceMature

I took a deep breath and opened the door, knowing full well who I would see on the other side.

'Can I help you officers?'  I tried to look guiltless, I was after all, I had done nothing wrong.

'We had a phone call to say you had an injured boy in your house.'  The woman was in charge.

'Yes what of it?'  I tried to stall as long as possible, I couldn't let them see Pandora.

'Can we see him?'  I couldn't think of anyway of stopping them without looking suspicious.

'Of course come in.'  I held the door open and the two of them walked in followed by the groundskeeper.  'He's just through here.'  I led them into the living room where Tork was lying on the sofa with a bandage over his head.  There was blood where the wound had been.  Nice work Pandora.  I couldn't see her but I couldn't see the groundskeeper either.  I hoped she could look out for herself.

'Umm right.'  The policewoman had obviouls y been expecting something a little more illegal.  'Everything seems in order.'  She knelt by Tork who was awake.  'How are you feeling?'

'I'm fine, just a bump on the head, nothing serious.'  He was playing his part well although I didn't know how much strength he was using.  The woman looked really puzzled.

Umm...good.'  She walked back to me again.  'Sorry for wasting your time.'

'Not at all officer.'  I tried not to sound triumphant.

The End

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