Pandora: BandageMature

"Do you have a guitar or a flute or something?" I ask Symph as we walk out the room.

"I think Dylan has a guitar?" she answers.

"Lets check" we go up the stairs and I knock lightly on Dylan's door.

"Who is it?" a gruff call from Dylan.

"Um, Pandora.... I was wondering is you had a guitar?" I shout through the door. I hear a stumble, then a thund and then Dylan opens the door.

"What for?" He asks looking at Symph over my shoulder.

"I want to play for a bit it keeps me calm" I laugh. "My mum use to say......"

My voice trails off and silence desends. Its always going to be 'use to' not  present tense always past.

"Its okay I'll fetch it" Dylan mutters. He vanishes for a few second from the doorway giving me a quick look at his partially messy room.

"Thank-" a knocking sound from downstairs happens.

Symph and Dylan look confused then I hear Ayasha moving.

I turn and bolt down the stairs jumping in front of Ayasha. I shake my head and mouth 'no'.

"Why not?" she whispers.

"Looks like the grounds keeper saw fit to call the police" I whisper back turning to the door and looking through the peephole. I step aside and Ayasha looks then gasps.

She looks at me. "You have to hide?" she hisses.

"What about the boy? Tork's wound you'll need to put a bandage on his head and make it look like its bled" I say.

The police knock again.

"Maybe they took the boy to the hospital?" I hear the male officer surgest.

"No, theres no car" the female officer adds probably indicating the drive way.

"There wasn't when I came" the grounds keeper says. I hear 'hmm's of wondering.

"I'll set the boy up... you distract them so I can hide after" I run off into the living room.

"Wait...." I say realising. Tork looks at me. "How the hell do I make a bandage?"

Then suddenly one appears in my hands. We both stare at it.

"I'm not talking about it" I say then runn over to wrap it round his head. I touch the part where the wound was a blood fills the spot.

"Wow, no wonder everyone wants magic its so useful" I mutter.

"May I ask why you're putting a fake bandage on my head?" Tork asks turning to look at me.

"No time to explain.... I'm not here" I say sternly.

"You really aren't" he chokes out shocked.

I look down at me see-through body and smile.

"Now, hush and play along" I whisper the move to the corner of the room just as the police walk in.

The End

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