Ayasha: Things just keep getting weirderMature

'How did you do that?'  I looked at the back of Tork's head and there was no sign that he had been bleeding at all, even the blood in his hair was gone.  He groaned and I knelt by the chair so I could see his face.

'Hello?'  His eyes opened.

'Hi.'  He looked disorientated and when he stood up he was swaying all over the place.

'I don't think you should do that just yet.'  I gently pushed him back down onto the chair.  'Do you remember anything?'

'Not really.'

'Can you remember my name?  We were talking earlier.'

'I don't remember that.'  His forehead creased up as he tried to remember.

'Well, I'm Ayasha, this is my friend Symphony and ... Pandora.'  I wasn't sure how to introduce her, I couldn't call her a friend because I had only just met her and I couldn't tell him the truth.

'Nice to meet you all.'  He smiled.  'I should leave, I've taken up enough of your time.'  He stood up again swaying violently beforestumbling forwards into my arms.

'I think you should lie down for a bit, come into the living room.'  Between the two of us, Pandora and I helped Tork into the next room and onto a sofa.

'Whatever you do don't fall asleep.'  Pandora was becoming much more confident, I was happy to see the change in her seeing as she had lost her family only an hour or so beforehand.

'It's OK I can sit with him to make sure he doesn't fall asleep.'  I sat in a chair opposite him and crossed my legs.  'That's if you two need to do something.'

The End

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