Pandora: HealingMature

"No sleeping, you have a head trauma" I say sternly.

"What's going on?" Ayasha asks. Walking into the room.

"Don't ask me" Symph says shrugging and watching confused but interested.

"He can't fall unconcious" I say standing up. "He'll either die or go into a coma"

"Then what do we do?" Ayasha asks.

"I don't know" I pull the towel away from his wound and the boy groans.

I then place me hand on it.

"Youch" I shout as energy blasts from it. I jump back seeing small sparks on my palm.

"Are you okay?" Symph asks running over to me. Ayasha goes to the boy.

"Oh my god" she whispers turning to look at me.

"What?" I say confused.

"You healed it" she whispers.

The End

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