Pandora: SnoopMature

I wipe the tears away. Symph smiles slightly at me and then it fades quickly.

"Oh, Sorry" we turn to see an old man in the doorway. Then he see's me and he gasps.

That's her. I raise an eyebrow at his thoughts.

"May I help you?" I ask.

"Um, sorry.... I was just...." he can't stop looking at me. She's still so pale and yet its obvious she's no longer cold.

I narrow my eyes slightly.

"Pandora" Ayasha yells. I see Dylan in the hall and Ayasha rushes past him. She passes the old man and stands in front of him. "This room is off limits" she says sternly. "The boy downstairs needs attention"

"It's okay Ayasha.... he did nothing wrong.  Symph, I need your help with something" I say getting up. I take her hand and pull her out of the room behind me passing the old man as I go.

My fingers brush his and he gasps. So cold.

I ingnore this thought and walk on.

The End

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