Pandora: TruthMature

"Um, Well" I mumble. How do I start?

"I'll make some Hot Chocolate" Ayasha says.

"What's happening in here?" Dylan asks standing in Ayasha's bedroom doorway as she's about to go out.

"We're having a girlly chat. Now get lost" Symph says.

Ayasha closes the door. "Sorry no Hot Chocolate since I can't get past one big obsitical..." She turns to look at me sitting on the rocking chair knees pulled tightly to my chest.

"Well, I'll start from when I was with my family" I mutter.

"We were just heading past here to see the view when we slide down the bank. Our Jeep tumbled into the water..... I think I died"

"But how can you be dead when you're talking to us right now?" Symph asks.

I hold out my wrist.

"Try find a pulse then. They do for about five minutes looking at each other is shock and consently thinking my skins cold. I pull my wrist back.

"No heart beat" Ayasha whispers.

"Non, I don't know much more except my looks have changed drastically. I know my family's dead. That's why your Mum and Dad were out when we got back they heard about the news" I tell them directing the last part at Ayasha.

"My Parents are always getting themselves stuck into the comunity weather its good or bad" Ayasha says.

"How is this even possible?" Symph gasps.

"I don't know all I know is that my whole Family died and I lived even if its only half life...... Oh also I can hear your thoughts"

They both look embarassed at that moment.

"Its okay, everyone's gonna have different opinions" Then I remember my Dad use to say that. So I slowly begin to cry. "Why did they die?"

The End

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