Pandora: Get Out!Mature

She knows. God, Flip, Fuck.

I can't stop panicking in my head. Oh, shit I need to leave.

"Um, have you got a phone?" I ask Dylan.

"Uh sure" he says handing my his mobile.

"Thanks" I say. "I'm just going to pop outside"

I almost run out before they can ask anymore. I type in my friend Katie's number.

"Hello, you've reached Saint Katie"

"Hey, Katie. It's me Pandora"

"Oh, Pan. How's the trip going?"

"Um, alright. Can you find out where..... Everline river is?"

"Okay... lets see..... It's far up north"

"Ah, thanks Kaits. Seems we went the wrong way" I press the end button and sigh.

"So, what seems different about her?" I step up to the door to lisen carefully.

"Duh, didn't you notice how white it is.... also the bath tempreture was boiling and she didn't even complain" Ayasha hisses.

Opps big mistake there. I open the mail flap and slip the phone through.

"Huh? Isn't that your brothers phone"


But I'm already off before she reaches the door. Then thump.

"Ouch" I mutter look at the glass wall.

"Pandora come back" I turn and watch Ayasha running over.

"We're sorry we didn't mean to pry in your buisness" Symph says. "Wow, you can run"

"Why is there a wall here?" I ask.

"Goverment land" Ayasha explains.

"Oi, you kids scat" I look and see a soldier. We all jump when he bangs on the glass wall and quickly move off.

"Come back to the house Pandora. I promise not to ask about your buisness" Ayasha says.

"No, you two diserve an answer"

The End

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