Tork: OddMature

I stick to the Shadows sitting on a brach highly elevated off the ground. I blended well with the the green jacket agianst the trees.  I wasn't hiding from fear but for more of obsrvation purposes. I saw three figures. One was a girl from my school , and her brother. The other a girl soaking wet.  Then a little later another girl from school walked by. She headed to the same direction that the group of three walked by too. Then shortly after the grounds keeper. He seemed to have his dog sniffing the ground. He was following the same path.

This is odd , from what I can tell they  were all going to the same place seeing that that trail lead to only one place. I slid off the branch and broke my fall by rolling onto the trail. I get up onto my feet. Should I investigate or should I head home. Home sucks I went to catch up to the ground's keeper.

" Hey." I stop and then slip hitting the back of my head on a rock.

" AHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT."  I yell holding the back of my head.

" Language." The old grounds keeper says sternly.

I ignore as the back of my head begins to bleed.

" That isn't good."  I said lifting my hand off my head revealing a bloody hand. The grounds keeper steps backwards shocked.

The End

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