Ayasha: DoorbellMature

I love teasing Dylan, he's just so easy to wind up.  I texted Symph asking her to come over, there was something different about Pandora that I wasn't sure about.  Symph is over so quickly I only have time to make my cup of coffee before the doorbell goes and I run to answer it.

'Hey Symph, come in.'  She steps in and takes off her jacket.

'So who is it you want me to meet?'  She looks around but the hall is empty.

'She's just about to come downstairs, you want tea or coffee?'  I walk back into the kitchen.

'Coffee would be great.'  I start making it, instant of course, when Dylan and Pandora walk in.  She's wearing my jeans and big rugby shirt.  'You feeling better now?'

'Yeah, thanks.'  She looks at Symphony, trying to work out why she's here.

'Hey Symph what are you doing here?'  Dylan looks at me suspiciously.

'She was just passing and decided to call.'  I jumped in before anyone could say anything.  'By the way Symph this is Pandora, Pandora this is my friend Symphony.

'Nice to meet you.'  They shook hands which was surprisingly formal for Symph who is normally much more enthusiastic.

The End

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